“We are REALLY happy with your work. We feel that the website text is now really polished and professional, so many thanks!” Sharon, Chrysalis Studios

“THANK YOU! Your comments were very useful. And thank you for getting so involved – I appreciate that you made my CV your own. I’ll keep you posted when I get positive news.” Fabio, Master in Political Science, Brussels

“Good news! I sent the CV and cover letter you edited and I got shortlisted for the position! I’m so excited: this is the first positive reply to an application I’ve had in months. Thank you!” Sarah B, seeking employment in international development sector

“Megan helped me transform my CV from broad and general to specific and concrete. She encouraged me to incorporate the level of detail employers are looking for, which I believe ultimately helped me land my job.” Lucas, MSc Development Management

“I hugely benefitted from Megan’s CV editing and presentation skills. She helped me realize the importance of highlighting the right content while also ensuring that the rest of my achievements didn’t get ignored. She helped me turn my CV from something rather plain to one that was far more striking and impressive! The best part was that rather than just editing the CV, she also ensured that I picked up skills during the process as well. I would recommend her skills to anyone else without hesitation.”  Poorvaja, MSc Development Management

“I really like my new CV, it is perfect. Thanks a lot!” Margarita, MSC International Business and Development

“Megan was an excellent resource to me when facing the post-LSE job search. She has the combination of relevant work experience, a strong media background, and speed and accuracy, which allows her to work with you to create a crisp business and development friendly CV. She knows what hiring professionals are looking for and how to help you put your best foot forward. She will be a great asset to you as she was to me.”  Michal, MSc Development Management


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